Symptoms That Should Make You Consider Visiting an Optometrist

16 May 2017
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When it comes to eyeglasses, some people would rather choose to wear them as accessories rather than have to wear them due to impaired vision. As a result, you will find that these individuals will put off setting an appointment to check the status of their vision, as they believe that it is fine just as it is. In reality, not receiving prompt treatment for visual impairment will only result in the underlying problem becoming exacerbated. Thus, if you would like to maintain the overall functionality of your eyes, it would be best to visit an optometrist as soon as you start to develop vision problems. So what are some of the symptoms that you should be wary of?

You suffer from persistent eye infections

Your eyes are quite fragile, making them quite vulnerable to infection. Thus, it is not uncommon to experience some discomfort in the form of redness, swelling, itching and more at one time or another. Nevertheless, minor infections typically clear out in a short period. If you find that you have been struggling with a swollen lid or consistent discolouration, it is prudent to see an optometrist. Some of the causes of this include pink eye, a blocked tear duct and other problems that could easily worsen if not attended to.

You have developed routine headaches

Individuals typically will not associate the headaches they suffer from with visual impairment. However, if you are straining to see, it usually will manifest as regular tension headaches that seem to develop out of nowhere. These headaches will usually set in at the end of the day because your eyes will be tired. You may also find that your vision becomes worse when you are experiencing these headaches. It is advisable to see an optometrist so they can determine whether your declining eyesight is the cause of these headaches.

You find it difficult to focus

One of the telltale signs of impaired vision is if you start having trouble focusing on items. Any signs of blurred vision should be taken seriously, as it could be indicative of a serious underlying problem. Moreover, blurred vision can make day-to-day tasks such as driving a potential hazard, as your vision is impaired. It would be prudent to visit an optometrist to determine whether eyeglasses would restore your eyes' ability to focus. You should keep in mind that in some cases blurred vision may be caused due to a tumour that is exerting pressure on your optical nerve.